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What should I pay attention to in addition to the anti-slip of bathroom tiles? For the family to hur

Hello everyone, welcome toTengyi Furniture"Today, I will share with you the knowledge about the bathroom floor, because the bathroom is an indispensable part of the family, and the bathroom floor is one of the keys inside. How to buy a bathroom floor?"


First of all, we have to be clear, the bathroom floor does not need to be tall, nor expensive, need not be more gorgeous, etc. We should pay attention to safety and quality, style and match three points, if you choose the bathroom floor pattern is too fancy, may Under the illumination of the light, people's sights are affected, which brings problems such as safety hazards.

In the past, we almost always chose to lay tiles, because the tiles are not only cheap, but the water is also flowing at a fast speed, and it is very fast, but slowly there are some wooden floors suitable for laying in the bathroom, but no matter what, we choose When buying a bathroom floor, there are three main points.


First: non-slip. The bathroom is a place where water is seen every day. Even if the bathroom in the house is dry and wet, the ground will inevitably splash water. For families that do not have wet and dry separation, the floor is not slippery.

Relatively speaking, the wooden floor that can be laid in the bathroom is better than the anti-slip effect of the tile, but as long as we don't choose the tile that is too smooth, choose the matte surface or the concave shape to increase the friction, and the same anti-slip effect can be achieved.


Second: slippers. Many families place slippers for showers in the bathroom, but many people ignore the material and bottom texture of the slippers. It is recommended that you buy the slippers that are placed in the bathroom. The weight of the slippers is the best. If it is light, the feet are not stressed and slippery.

The second is the texture of the bottom of the shoe. We should choose the bottom texture is clear and the texture is large, instead of the texture is very shallow, so the anti-slip effect is not good, it is easy to bring security risks. Because slippers are a small item, many people will ignore it. I hope everyone will pay attention to it!


Third: water absorption rate. The bathroom environment is humid, and the choice of tiles should be low. In general, the quality is higher.

The lower the water absorption of a good tile, the more dry it will be. If the tile does not directly indicate the water absorption rate when purchasing, you can drop the water droplet on the back of the tile. After a few minutes, the degree of diffusion of the water droplets is observed. The less water is absorbed, the lower the water absorption rate and the better the quality.


What is the relationship between bathroom tiles and water absorption? Because the high water absorption of the tiles is easy to absorb water, after thermal expansion and contraction, the tile surface cracks and the entire wall tiles are peeled off. Therefore, if the bathroom floor and the wall are selected to be tiled, the water absorption rate of the tile is very important.

In the real life, the family of bathroom tiles is still mostly, so this article also mainly uses tiles as an explanation. I hope that everyone can pay attention to these problems in daily life, especially the family with old people and children at home.


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