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What should I pay attention to when decorating a one-bedroom house?

  • Author:Tengyi smart furniture
  • Release on:2019-11-11

One-bedroom houses are mostly one-bedroom and one-bedroom buildings, often living for single young people, newlyweds or elderly couples living independently. These people have relatively single activities, and they require that the residential function is often multi-integrated and has a certain degree of excess. Residents generally have higher requirements for their own comfort, and the requirements for social skills of the second team are relatively low.

Therefore, when designing a one-bedroom decoration, it is necessary to consider the front, to be beautiful and practical; and to pay attention to not to consume huge amounts of luxury decoration, it should be simple to use, comfortable and generous, and the wall, floor and roof should be decorated in the middle and low-grade. Colleagues pay attention to leaving enough room for the owner to have a space to display his personality in the decoration of the room.

One-bedroom decoration design can generally start from the following aspects:

1. Reasonable partitioning, multi-zone


Activities of similar nature are uniformly arranged, and activities of different or opposite nature are separated. The living area of ​​one bedroom and one living room is relatively small. In a room, it needs to include various functions such as living, meeting, sleeping, storing, and learning. To meet people's living needs, it is necessary to move the layout of the functional area. Use your brains to rationally arrange each area and give full play to the role of one district. For example, the visitor area and the dining area are all active areas with high frequency and large number of people, which can be merged into the same space and arranged in the hall; the sleeping area and the learning area are relatively quiet and can be included in the same space. However, the visitor, dining area and sleep, study area should try to set a hard or soft separation in the space.

2. Make full use of color and light to create a spacious space.


Since the size of one room and one hall is small and the limitation is large, it is necessary to work hard from the color to make the room area have a sense of extension. Light tones and intermediate colors are generally used as the keynote for furniture and bedspreads, sofas and curtains. Due to the spread and retreat, these colors can visually give people a fresh, cheerful, bright and spacious feeling, avoiding the sense of urgency caused by the narrowness of the living room. Make full use of natural light, open up the horizon, and achieve a sense of visual spaciousness.

3. Scientifically arrange furniture to save and make full use of limited space.


Furniture is the basic element of the layout of the living room. How to make the functions of the living room separate and intrinsically connected in a limited space, without causing crowding, which depends to a large extent on the choice of furniture style and size, as well as the furniture. Arrangement.

Therefore, when purchasing or making furniture, try to choose a combination of multi-functional furniture, which can save space and make full use of the corner space that is not commonly used in the living room. For middle-aged and elderly residents, the function of furniture is more important than other functions such as aesthetics and decoration. The economic and practical use of furniture should be the first priority. For young residents, it is advisable to choose small and exquisite and stylized medium and high-grade furniture. At the same time, it is necessary to pay attention to the choice of furniture and decorations, especially medium and high-grade furniture and accessories; fixed furniture and decorations on the wall should be selected at low prices.