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When choosing furniture, you can first understand the five functions of furniture in indoor space.

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-20

First, the role of the recognition space

The functional nature of the space is largely determined by the type of furniture. It can be said that the furniture is a direct expression of the actual use of the space. For example, the space in which the bed is placed becomes the bedroom to meet the needs of rest; The dining table and dining chair space; the restaurant is used to meet the needs of eating. Therefore, the furniture can fully reflect the purpose of use of a space and the personal characteristics of the user, thus giving the space a certain environmental significance.

Second, the role of the division and organizational space

In the design of modern interior space, in order to improve the space utilization and flexibility, furniture is often used as a tool for separating spaces, and small spaces or large spaces are re-separated and organized to form psychological hints for users. If the shape of the Bogu frame is transparent, the use of such furniture can have a continuous effect, so that the two spaces can coordinate and infiltrate each other, and while rationally dividing the same space, it also increases the agility of the space.

Third, emphasize the role of spatial functionality

Different furniture can be arranged in different areas according to different use requirements, which can make the space naturally form an independent field with its own functional characteristics. Even if there is no obvious furniture or components between the furniture to block traffic and sight, the independence of space can also Obviously perceived by humans. In small units, because of the small size, it is impossible to use the wall to divide so many independent spaces. At this time, furniture is a clear ruler of space function. For example, in a corner of the living room with a connected desk and bookshelf, this space can give people the psychological impression of the study even in the large space of the living room.

Fourth, the role of decorative space

In the early classical furniture styling, in order to reflect the differences between different classes, the furniture design also has the difference between “tricky carving” and “simple and simple”, but with the arrival of the Bauhaus era, furniture design is becoming more and more In terms of simplification, although there is not much modification in the form, its functionality has not changed. In addition to meeting the needs of daily life, it also has the effect of beautifying and decorating different styles.

Fifth, the role of creating a space atmosphere

Furniture with different shapes, materials, colors and decorative styles plays an important role in the atmosphere and mood of the whole indoor space. For example, European classical furniture has intricate carvings and inlays, giving people the impression of noble, gorgeous and elegant; Chinese traditional mahogany furniture is relatively simple and elegant, giving people a sense of stability and strong national characteristics; rattan furniture has The freshness, elegance and simplicity of the plants make people feel the humanity and the spirit of the home. Each piece of furniture has its own attributes and characteristics, so when placed in a space, it will naturally affect the atmosphere of the space.