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When the solid wood veneer furniture appears these four characteristics, it means your furniture is

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-11

I have met many friends who have such doubts. What kind of solid wood furniture is a good furniture? Is my furniture good?

If your wood veneer has the following4Features, or a few of them, represent a good good furniture.

Trait1: flat but not closed

Flat but not closed, with wood grain feel- This trait appears in solid wood veneer furniture with open paint.

Knowledge Science:

We know that solid wood veneer furniture is generally painted, and the paint on the top is either open paint or seal paint.

The open paint is that the wood pipe is completely enclosed without paint, and the home made has a concave and convex wood grain texture, which is closer to nature.

The sealer is that the catheter is completely enclosed and the furniture can't be touched.


However, open paints also have shortcomings. Open paints are more demanding in terms of material selection. Not all woods are suitable for open paint.

It is usually the case that the open brown wood hole is more obvious, and it is suitable for ash, oak, black walnut and the like.

Trait2: thin but not greasy

Thin, refers to the surface of the solid wood veneer furniture should be thin, spray paint should use a thin spray process, so as not to cover the natural wood grain.

Not greasy, it feels like no paint, thin and light, not heavy.

Knowledge Science:

Thin spray process, can not fill the gun at one time. It is difficult and slow to spray.

Trait3: Bright and flawless

Bright, refers to the surface of the solid wood veneer furniture has a high light effect.

Bright and flawless, it means there is a bright texture and no stains.

Look and feel- Hard as porcelain, bright as a mirror, slippery like grease, as moist as jade, as flat as water

Trait4: white but not yellow

Not yellow, it does not mean that it will not turn yellow, but it means that it is not easy to turn yellow.

Knowledge Science:

A friend who has white, light wood-colored solid wood furniture at home may have found it.——

The white solid wood veneer furniture will change yellow over time and gradually become less good.

What everyone needs to understand is that this process will happen anyway, no matter which kind of paint you use, but the progress will be slower and slower.

Therefore, in order to delay the occurrence of yellowing, yellowing-resistant paint appeared. The process of yellowing with solid wood veneer furniture resistant to yellowing paint can become very slow.


If your home's solid wood veneer furniture, the veneer used is white and light wood color, then it is good to see if it will easily turn yellow.

If it is particularly easy to turn yellow, it is not a good piece of furniture.


Flat but not closed, thin but not greasy, bright and flawless, white but not yellow.

When solid wood veneer furniture appears this4Features mean that your furniture is especially good! What are the characteristics of your solid wood veneer furniture?