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Which is better in the living room sofa, leather, fabric or velvet?

a nice and comfortablesofaIt will definitely increase the value of the living room in one second. As a large part of the living room, the sofa needs to be carefully selected and repeatedly considered. A carelessness will ruin the temperament of the entire living room.

So, how should the sofa be chosen?

First, size it.According to the size of the living room, it is decided to buy a two-seater, a three-seater or a larger L sofa. Generally, the size of the sofa accounts for a quarter of the living room area, and it does not appear empty or crowded.

If you are sitting in a mansion or a large flat, you can come up with a combination sofa, or an L-shaped sofa and an armchair.

Secondly, the sofa should be beautiful.The functionality of the sofa determines the life of the sofa, an ergonomic sofa, comfortable and soft, sedentary and tiring.

When choosing a sofa, in addition to size, comfort, and a problem that lingers in everyone's mind, which material is selected?

leather sofa

The leather sofa is a symbol of luxury, especially for luxury houses and villas, leather sofas can live in the market.

Although the leather sofa is expensive, it is durable, heavy and calm, and the innate luxury is unmatched by other fabric sofas.

The traditional leather sofas are mostly brown, brown and black, and the volume is large, giving a calm feeling.

Fabric sofa

Fabric sofas can be said to be popular lovers, very common, good breathability, high softness, and moderate key prices.

At the moment, the minimalist style, the Nordic style, and the cold winds must be equipped with a fabric sofa, because only it can create a clean and elegant feeling.

Many people are discouraged from the fabric sofa, mainly because it is difficult to manage and the life expectancy is not high. The fabric sofa is also easy to pilling. Although it can be washed and washed regularly, it is inevitable that it will be washed out. At this time, you can choose a fabric sofa with a deep color.

Velvet sofa

The velvet sofa is a retro material that has recently become popular again. It is silky, soft and soft, and has a sense of luxury from the ages.

The characteristics of velvet itself, high color saturation, can bring a strong visual impact. If you love French style, then the velvet sofa is definitely the best choice.

In the style matching, the light-weight furniture with simple lines and design sense, the same color or contrasting pillows can make the overall shape more layered.

If the budget is enough, the leather sofa is preferred; if you love the simple style, the plain fabric sofa; fashion trendy, you can come to a velvet sofa.