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Why are new Chinese furniture popular?

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-09-02

The beauty of the new Chinese style lies in the cultural implication that is simple and flexible, elegant and subtle, and has a style that is not repressed. While inheriting the classics, it subtly blends the characteristics of the times, and you are unconsciously attracted to the first sight when you see it.

We live in an impetuous and embarrassing era. Everyone's definition and yearning for the family should be comfortable, free and calm.

Perhaps there are no gorgeous colors and complicated decorations, but the deep feelings revealed in the bones let the soul go deep, like the fallen leaves, and find the soul.

The popular new Chinese style now satisfies the needs of modern people on a spiritual level. It is free from the cumbersome and boring traditional Chinese style, and conveys the oriental sentiment and space power with the simpler modern design language, as well as the eternal complex that people pay tribute to traditional culture.

People prefer the new Chinese style, not only because it reveals the innate ambiguity of Zen, but also because it depicts the ideal life of the literati, but it is not disturbed by the fame and fortune, cleansing the world, returning to the world. Life really lives in the realm.

"There is no taste of water, and the swaying is a smash; the stone has no fire, and the smashing is a ray of light." The traditional elements collide with the passion of modern style, which is an irresistible taste of life.

Anyone who loves Chinese traditional culture cannot refuse the aesthetic charm and elegant style brought by the new Chinese style.

The elegant colors, the clean lines, the cultural charm and the spatial style of design can add a lot of color to the modern Chinese home that young people love.

In terms of material selection and decoration, the new Chinese style is also closer to life. The “natural symbols” such as flowers, birds, insects, bonsai and landscape are the most common design elements.

While highlighting the charm of classical aesthetics, it can also be mixed with any style to create a simple style of simple European, pastoral, retro, etc., to blend the romantic feelings of the oriental tradition with the comfort of Western life.

The combination of the new Chinese style and black and white ash seems to be plain and plain, with no bright spots, but subtly uses the meaning of whiteness and fashion to create an ink-and-wash oriental feeling, bringing endless reverie.

When it is combined with bright colors such as classical red, vibrant orange, and elegant purple, it has a unique flavor and temperament. The unique tension attracts more lines of sight, creating a space that is both simple and elegant.

The large area of ​​the original wood quality, although not beautiful and comfortable, is extremely comfortable, people can not help but think of the Chinese pastoral atmosphere.

The new Chinese style is a refinement, enrichment and bold creation of Chinese traditional culture.

Instead of simply using classical elements as visual symbols, it is to convey the spiritual core with the cultural heritage rooted in the bones, to abandon the tedious decoration and introduce modern characteristics, which is more in line with the aesthetic appeal and needs of modern people.

Nowadays, all kinds of design styles emerge in an endless stream, and people can't help but sigh with the sorrowful and fascinating eyes.

The simple Chinese atmosphere of the new Chinese style is not only "detour" but also "going away from the heart", which is undoubtedly the ideal life state that Chinese people yearn for. (Source: Furniture Industry)