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Why do 90% of people choose the whole house furniture customization?

When it comes to buying furniture, many people have headaches, because most people always build their new home according to their own ideas, only to find that the effect is far from the original dream.... space style, furniture style, matching accessories, full color, etc. and psychological expectations have a gap or even out of place. In this context, "customization" has become a hot word in recent years.

Background wall, siding, cloakroom, cabinet, door... disperse into a whole, harmonious and unified. The whole wood customization reflects the harmonious cultural connotation of a family, and it is the perfect combination of the owner's temperament, taste, and furniture use function. As a result, more and more consumers are claiming custom furniture throughout the house. Because it can make rational use of the various spaces in the home, and can match the entire home environment, and can be customized according to the owner's personality, fully reflecting the owner's taste.

There are survey data showing:

Consumers’ dissatisfaction with furniture purchases is high76%

In the past, when purchasing furniture, it was usually scattered purchase of finished furniture. Without uniform design and planning, it often caused the overall style of the home to be uncoordinated, and it was difficult to make full use of the space of the home and reduce the utilization of the home space.

Different from the traditional furniture industry, the whole house customization can make full use of the space, from small ceilings to small corners of the stairs, to make room for more spacious enjoyment of home decoration.The practical function of "small but small, full of five organs" makes your loved one more "empty".

Compared with today's highly homogenized furniture market, custom furniture is more likely to meet the individual needs of consumers. The whole house is customized to achieve true whole-house customization, providing consumers with a comprehensive, one-stop, personalized, high Quality home customization solutions.

01Coordinated decoration style

Traditional furniture brands, products are relatively simple, the door is a style, the cabinet is a style, it is difficult to match, can not form a system style. And each room type is different, most of them can not be customized, so the decoration feels uncoordinated style, can not achieve the effect and feeling that you want. The whole wood home decoration can make full use of the home space, so that the home color, material and style are unified.

02One-stop service is quick and easy

Traditional decoration, wooden door problems to find wooden doors, wardrobe problems to find wardrobes..., very inconvenient, bring a lot of trouble to yourself. And choosing the whole house customization is not the same, a phone call, all the problems, one at a time, to solve the worries.

03High quality and environmentally friendly

A whole house custom furniture brand is generally looking for a fixed supplier, the market response is better, with a large production base, first-class production lines and technology, perfect sheet edge sealing, high environmental protection and good after-sales service. There is a certain guarantee in terms of materials.

04Reduce unnecessary expenses

Custom furniture is an effective way to control the cost of renovation. The people who have renovated have known that the final decoration styles basically exceed the original budget, because there are often some unpredictable additions in the decoration process. For example, there will be some more cabinets, and the consumption of materials will naturally More, the construction period is longer, not much, but also much more money, which is not reflected in the original quotation of the decoration company.

After choosing the furniture, you actually spent a lot of the renovation cost, and the basic pattern has been determined. The rest is just to hand over the part of the basic project to the decoration company, which will avoid many Unnecessary additions.

Many people spend a lot of money when they decorate. When they buy custom furniture, they find that they are ashamed. They can only buy some cheap furniture that does not match the decoration style. The overall feeling of home decoration is extremely uncoordinated.