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Why do others always look more advanced? The reason is here!

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2020-07-06

After brushing some decoration and sharing on the Internet, or accidentally visiting a friend's house,

You may also have such a small question mark:

Why is the home style similar, others always look more advanced?

With the improvement of people's aesthetic level, it is now very difficult to decorate a house that is full of flavor even if the decoration is done with fate.

The difference in perception between the same style is actually more often than not"soul".

And the grasp of popular trends and the application of popular elements can give home"Into the soul", increase the sense of fashion and sexy in the home.

Geometric element

Geometric elements sound very abstract, but in fact, many of the clothes we wear and the buildings we have seen have geometric elements added.

It covers a variety of shapes such as straight lines, triangles, circles, squares, honeycombs, polygons, etc. It is also one of the important elements of aesthetics in home design.

Geometric elements are random and irregular, with unique expressiveness, and are often used in wall design, furniture, and decorative objects.

In the home environment, geometric elements are properly applied, which can have the effect of extending the space or condensing the corners.

Geometric elements often give people a sense of freedom without restraint, sometimes embodying elegance, and sometimes moving, which can mobilize the atmosphere of the entire space. If you feel that your home is a bit bland, choose decorations, ornaments, lighting, etc. with geometric elements to make the space look more unique and have memory.

▲ Rotating combination coffee table

metal element

Metal is the product of an industrialized society. All kinds of metal used in home design have a unique sense of luster, which can attract attention and create different spatial styles.

Whether it is an extravagant fashion and light luxury, a restrained and simple Italian style, or a cool industrial style, all have more or less metal elements. Metals are often used in hard-wall installations on walls, ceilings, countertops, etc., and are also added to furniture and decorations as important elements.

The hard outfit is difficult to change, but choosing the right style of metal furniture, lighting, decorations, etc., can make the home look more modern and refined.

Slate element

As an emerging board, rock board has gradually become the darling of home design.

In addition to the characteristics that can be felt during use such as wear resistance, high temperature resistance, and easy cleaning, the rock slab also has a large impact on the space visually.

It has a natural and beautiful pattern and is available in a variety of colors. It is often used in hard installations for TV background walls, floors, kitchen or toilet countertops, furniture panels, etc., creating a modern and modern space.

In terms of soft decoration, combining the dining table and coffee table made of slate material can be integrated into a variety of style spaces, and can also add points to the overall space style.

▲ Slate table

Stop your enviable little mood of others' beautyGet it up and make your home look beautiful and stylish~