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Why some mahogany furniture was bought and bitten by insects

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2020-05-12

Wooden furniture is a valuable hardwood furniture, most of which can be kept for thousands of years without being damaged. Many of the mahogany furniture of the Ming and Qing dynasties are still intact. However, some friends reported that after buying the mahogany furniture stored at home for some time, they found that wood chips were being wormed out by the insects! Why is this?


It stands to reason that the mahogany heartwood is the part of 29 kinds of wood pith from the redwood new national standard to the inner side of the sapwood. It no longer has activated cells, high density, deep color, hard and antiseptic, and under normal circumstances very few insects. The sapwood is the part from the heartwood to the bark, commonly known as "white bark", which has low density and high nutrition and is susceptible to worms.

Therefore, when encountering the moth-eaten situation of mahogany furniture, most of the Muyou think that it is the manufacturer who used the white leather material or bought the fake mahogany.

Although many of the mahogany furniture eaten by worms are indeed using fake mahogany that is not the national standard mahogany or using wood with sapwood, this is not the case in all cases, and it cannot be absolute!


Some mahogany wood species, such as the African cliff bean wood (chicken wing wood, commonly known as African chicken wings) produced in Congo, although it is also a national standard mahogany, but it is also prone to worms, and it is often from the skin material to the heartwood. After sawing into a board, there are often a large range of wormholes that cannot be used, which has become a problem that puzzles manufacturers.


In addition, under untreated conditions, any mahogany wood is likely to be moth-eaten. Even the most valuable rosewood, red sandalwood, and red rosewood in the mahogany wood, can not rule out the occurrence of moth-eaten cases, but it is relatively common The probability is extremely small.

If the problem of using sapwood or false mahogany is ruled out, most of the mahogany furniture insects are related to the drying process of solving the moisture content of the wood and the insecticide.

Normally, after sawing, the logs should be dried. This process has two functions:

One is to reduce the moisture content to a reasonable level, eliminate the internal stress of the logs, and prevent them from being deformed after being made into furniture.

The second is to completely eliminate the insect eggs hidden in the wood and prevent the insect eggs from propagating on the furniture wood after they are made into furniture, and then damaging the holes.

Although drying is a very important part of the mahogany furniture manufacturing project, it has a great impact on the long-term use of mahogany furniture. However, it is difficult for consumers to find out whether it has been dried or whether the drying process is in place when the finished product is just made. Or verify. Therefore, this process reflects a manufacturer's sense of responsibility.


Although it is rare, rare, and rare for mahogany furniture to be moth-eaten, there are people who even win the lottery. . . .

What if I buy mahogany furniture with worms? Don't worry, even if you encounter it, it is not helpless. The following is the pest control method shared by Muyou:

1. Paint treatment. For corners without insects, use tung oil, shellac paint or varnish to brush the surface of the mahogany furniture, which can isolate the insects from the air and achieve the purpose of preventing moths. It should be noted that, for example, in wooden cabinets, both the front and back sides and the inner wall of the wooden cabinet must be painted evenly.

2. Medicament treatment, when the mahogany furniture is moth-eaten, dichlorvos and water can be used to prepare a chemical solution at a ratio of 1: 5, and sprayed with a sprayer to allow the chemical solution to penetrate into the mahogany furniture, and the spray must be continued 3 to 5 times. After 8 hours, all moths can be killed. Then, wash the mahogany furniture with clean water and dry it. You can also use the household insecticide spray in the supermarket to repeatedly irrigate the wormhole, which can kill most borers, but the efficacy is slightly worse than that of dichlorvos.

3. Wipe with diesel oil, put the mahogany furniture that has been moth-eaten on the sunny place on a sunny day, and apply the furniture with a brush or cotton yarn dipped in diesel oil. Apply again for two to three hours, and then dry again. After seeing that the worms are dying in the hole, then wash them with detergent and dry them.

4. Use spirit vanilla, which is also called spearmint grass. It has a rich aroma and the title of "king of fragrance". In addition to the long-lasting strong fragrance, the straw and seeds also have special effects such as antiseptic, sterilization, disinfection, insect repellent, and lice extermination. It is also the same method. Grind it, fill it into a small hole, and kill the small insects!

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