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Winter wood furniture maintenance know-how, such maintenance for at least 10 years!

  • Author:Tengye Smart Furniture
  • Release on:2019-12-19

The temperature drops sharply in winter and the air becomes dry,The solid wood furniture at home is just like people,Also change according to the season"Maintain winter",So how to maintain the solid wood furniture to ensure a longer life? These three maintenance tips you should master! !!

1Dry weather in winter, need reasonable moisture

Solid wood furniture is popular in the market due to its natural environmental protection and long service life, but it is susceptible to changes in climate and moisture content. Dry weather in winter, coupled with heating in some areas, leads to severe furniture"Water shortage", so the maintenance of solid wood furniture should be done in winter:

Reasonable humidification indoors

The air is dry in winter, you can use a humidifier or green plants, rich bamboo, and other plants that are good for indoor moisture retention."Humidification", but it should be noted that after placing a humidifier indoor, the humidity of the room should be controlled at40%to60%More appropriate. In addition, avoid placing the humidifier directly on the solid wood furniture, or the solid wood furniture is too close to the humidifier for a long time.

Keep away from heat sources such as heaters

Solid wood furniture is afraid of high temperature, long time high temperature baking, it is easy to make wood lose moisture, it is best to place solid wood furniture at a distance from heating equipment1Meters away.

Reduce window opening ventilation time

The indoor humidity is higher than the outdoor in winter, and opening the window in winter will bring outdoor cold air into the room, making the room drier. Therefore, it is recommended that families with a lot of solid wood furniture should reduce the time and frequency of window opening and ventilation in winter to maintain proper indoor humidity. At the same time pay attention to solid wood furniture should not be placed in the vent.

2Winter maintenance is the key to timely wax repair

The maintenance of solid wood furniture in winter is to prevent moisture and dryness, but the moisturization of solid wood furniture cannot be maintained only by maintaining proper indoor humidity. It should also be regularly waxed to lock the moisture in the wood and allow the furniture to move from the inside Replay glory outside.

It is recommended to wax the solid wood furniture once a quarter, that is, to wax it regularly to make the solid wood furniture more durable, but it is not recommended to wax it frequently. Excessive waxing will damage the appearance of the furniture coating.

3Daily cleaning and maintenance of solid wood furniture

In addition to moisturizing and waxing, daily cleaning is also the focus of furniture maintenance. What should you pay attention to in winter cleaning?

Stain cleaning

Clean stains in a timely manner: The surface of solid wood furniture will inevitably be stained with air pollutants, oil fume during cooking, and stains during use. Therefore, you need to pay attention to removing them in a daily manner. Dirt is more difficult to clean than dust.

Detergent selection

To remove stains, a special furniture cleaner is required. Oily cleaners cannot be used for cleaning, as this will cause whitening of furniture surfaces. In addition, do not use alcohol, gasoline or other chemical solvents, or it will cause fatal damage to solid wood furniture.

Cleaning tool selection

Due to the dry weather in winter, the wood is more vulnerable, coupled with air conditioning or heating"Baking", a large amount of moisture in the wood is lost, the texture will become loose, and usually the solid floor or furniture is likely to be easily scratched when cleaning. Therefore, when cleaning solid wood furniture, try not to use sharp cleaning tools to touch the wood surface to protect the surface from hard injuries.

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