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Yibin earthquake, such furniture design may be your life!

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-21

According to the emergency management department,As of6month18day8Time30Points, the Yibin earthquake has caused12Death,125The person was injured. The earthquake also caused damage to some houses, roads, electricity, communications and other facilities. There are still aftershocks in the disaster area.

In the face of natural disasters, the power of human beings is so small. However, there is such a group of people who use their inspiration and wisdom to design disaster-resisting and disaster-relieving products and hope for the people in the disaster. Let's take a look at what the designers have done about the earthquake.

1.Earthquake automatic disaster relief life-saving bed

If the earthquake strikes and you are still asleep, do you want to miss the hope of escape?

2010year,66Wang Shixi, a retired old man from Shijiazhuang, invented"Earthquake automatic disaster relief life-saving bedAlso obtained national patents.

As shown in the figure, when the local sensor detects a large vibration, the mattress will automatically fall, and the side cover will be closed. This high-strength metal box will protect the owner until the earthquake dissipates. . At the bottom of the box are the necessities for survival, such as flashlights, radios, medical supplies, water, and food.

2. MamorisEarthquake special protection chair

Invented by a Japanese designerMamorisEarthquake special protection chairs have been widely used in various schools, hospitals and government agencies in Japan. In the event of an earthquake, the back of the chair can be quickly removed and used as a protective gear to protect the head and neck.

Inside the Kao Museum in JapanMamorisEarthquake special protection chair

3.Edible furniture

For people trapped in natural disasters, a reliable source of food means hope for survival.

Conceptual work: hard candy coffee table, biscuit table, chocolate seat, grain sofa

Italian design studioStudio LanzavecchiaAnd Singapore Design StudioWaiThe set of conceptual furniture pieces created together is made of edible materials such as protein, carbohydrates, sugar and chocolate. When a disaster occurs, furniture can turn into food and bring hope to people.

4.LuminAID Inflatable lamp

When the disaster area is cut off, many rescue work will be affected. When night falls, everyone's mood will also fall into the haze. Only then will it be realized that the light is as precious as life.

The most needed light in the dark can be easily used by thisLuminAIDInflatable light instead.

First of all,LuminAID The lamp is inflatable and easy to carry; secondly, it uses solar charging to design a high-performance charging panel.4-6Hours can be fully charged, then you can4-6Hours of lighting.

This inflatable package reaches IPX7 Professional waterproof, can be used as a buoy,TPU Environmentally friendly materials with good elasticity, high heat resistance and low temperature.

This design is at2010After the Haiti earthquake, two students from the Department of ArchitectureAndrea SreshtawithAnna StorkInvented and widely used in the United Nations and 70 In many national public welfare projects and disaster relief operations, in the Haitian Isaac hurricane, the Philippine Haiyan typhoon, the Nepal earthquake, this small luminaire brought light to countless victims.

5.+METtable lamp

+METTable lamp isJ. WALTER THOMPSONDesign company and Japanese armor companyTANIZAWAA product launched together.

From the appearance, it is no different from ordinary lamps. When a disaster occurs,+METIt can be turned into a helmet and a flashlight to help people escape.

Simply lift the lampshade and turn it into a flashlight and a hard hat.

In the earthquake, damage to items and power systems that are constantly falling makes helmets and flashlights extremely important. The simple design is not lacking in beauty, but also brings a peace of mind!

6.SAVE: US Emergency light

From the designerJo Joo HyunThe creativity of others,SAVE: USThe escape flashlight borrowed some of the design of the oxygen mask in the aircraft, which is usually stored in the ceiling light. It can automatically pop up in an emergency and hang on the ceiling for people to use.

Functionally, in addition to providing lighting, it also has built-inGPSThe system allows off-site rescuers to quickly locate the user.

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