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You must know these restaurant matching skills!

  • Author:Tengye
  • Release on:2020-05-14

"The fireworks in the world touch the hearts of mortals the most."

Compared with the living room and bedroom, the dining room may not be so high in the overall space design.

Even in the eyes of many people, the dining room is optional in the home, after all, it can barely deal with three meals a day in the living room.

But a well-decorated restaurant can not only improve the quality of every meal, let"The taste of home" is more complete, and it also records the laughter and laughter of the family during the meal.

So, what are the collocation skills that need to pay attention to the layout of the restaurant?


In the layout of the home space, according to the location of the restaurant, it is generally divided into the followingThree kinds, different layouts are different in collocation.

① Independent restaurant

Commonly found in relatively large units, the restaurant occupies separate rooms, and there is ample space for independent matching of tableware, decorations, furniture, etc.

② Merged with kitchen

"Combination of meal and kitchen", such a layout can make full use of space and is more practical.

However, in daily use, attention should be paid to the cleaning of dining tables and chairs to avoid the influence of kitchen fumes on the use of dining tables and chairs and other restaurant furniture.

③ Merging with the living room

The dining room and living room are in the same space, which is also a common layout.

Such a distribution can connect the movement line of daily activities with the movement line of the meal supply.

When arranging, pay attention to the consistency of the dining room and living room style, and the setting of the partition from the living room.

Color articles

Color can affect people's emotions. Only when the color of the restaurant is matched can a good dining atmosphere be created.

① Warm colors

Warm colors such as red, orange, yellow, brown, and wood can create a warm and natural restaurant atmosphere, increase appetite, and make people feel happy when dining.

Among them, orange will affect people's taste buds and is considered to be the most suitable color for restaurants. No matter when people are in a bad mood or in the cold winter, orange can improve the warmth of the space to a certain extent, making people feel comfortable.

When matching, the proportion, brightness and purity of warm colors can be adjusted to coordinate with the style of the whole house.

② Warm color + green / blue

Green is the color of nature, which can give people a fresh sense of breath, and it can have the effect of decompression and relaxation when combined with warm colors.

Blue is called"Slimming color" has the effect of suppressing appetite. The appropriate blue proportion in the restaurant can also give the restaurant a bright feeling.

However, this kind of color matching is more difficult, and carelessness will lead to uncoordinated and messy space, which requires a strong color control.

③ Gray / white

The combination of gray and white can match the elegant and quiet restaurant atmosphere, which is more common in light luxury, minimalist Nordic style and other home environments.

Dining table and chairs

The dining table and chairs are selected with reference to the size of the space. The area of ​​the dining space and the number of people in daily life need to be determined first.

Generally speaking,Houses under 90㎡ can choose a dining table of 1m ~ 1.6m.

According to the number of people dining and the smaller space area,

usually2 people use, or the house area is below 35㎡, can choose 1m dining table, or consider folding table;

4 people use, or the house area is 35㎡ ~ 60㎡, and the dining table of 1.2m ~ 1.4m can be selected;

For 6 people, you can choose a dining table from 1.4m to 1.6m.

▲ Solid wood dining table and chairs

In terms of the shape of the dining table, compared with the long table, the round table has a sense of overallity and momentum, but it also takes up more space.

For units of more than 90 square meters, you can choose a large round table or a rectangular table, which can accommodate 8 to 12 people.

The materials of the tables and chairs are selected according to the style of the whole house. When they are placed, they are generally kept with other barriers.The distance of 60cm to 80cm makes it easy for the dining chair to move open and close.

The above is the restaurant matching skills this time,

I hope to bring you some small inspiration~