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alert! Shenzhen five-year-old boy was killed in a falling glass | Home invisible killer is by your s

  • Author:Tengyi Furniture
  • Release on:2019-06-18

The last few days,1Shenzhen5The old boy was hit by a high-altitude window, which touched the heart of the vast majority of people in the country. Although after several rescues, unfortunately, the boy is still16The day left the world.

The accident occurred in the Jingji Yujing Huacheng Community in Futian District, Shenzhen. From the on-site monitoring, you can see that morning.9At that time, a loud noise suddenly broke out at the door of a shop. It turned out that a whole window fell from the upper floor and reached a boy who was passing downstairs.

The police then came to the scene very quickly, and the child was rushed to the nearby Shenzhen Chinese Medicine Hospital, and then transferred to Shenzhen Children's Hospital.

Sadly,6month16On the day of Father’s Day, after many rescues, the injured boy’s family issued a WeChat friend’s circle called “Xiao’s flight in the morning.5:12Gently walk away, thank you for your blessings."

How big is the damage of high-altitude falling objects?

A fire officer made an experiment!

Fire officers and soldiers will take a bottle of mineral water from6Drop it down.

a loud bang

One side of the plasterboard was knocked out of a large piece.

The mineral water bottle also cracked.

In order to verify that this is not accidental

The fire officers and soldiers will take another bottle of mineral water from6Drop down the floor

This time, the mineral water instantly pierced the center of the gypsum board.

The mineral water bottle is embedded in the gypsum board

Water bottle cracking

On the night after the boy left, the small property owner spontaneously held a road festival for him, and the citizens who bought the flowers spontaneously came to mourn, and expressed their grief. Secondly, they reminded everyone to be alert to the regeneration of such incidents.

Let the tragedy not repeat itself, in the residential property needs to strengthen the awareness of prevention, timely inspection and troubleshooting, the community residents must also have the ability to prevent high-altitude parabolic,In addition, the most important thing is that in our homes, especially those with children, it is especially necessary to strengthen the awareness of prevention and guard against the safety hazards in the home life!

In the home life, there are often some hidden dangers. How much do you know about the safety hazards in your home life? belowAnd Tengyi FurnitureLet's take a look together.

the first,Improper placement of furniture can easily hurt children.

Children love to play, cabinets with drawers must pay attention to its stability, prevent children from naughty climbing up to collapse and press the child. Choose a good quality cabinet, the center of gravity is below, there is such a cabinet at home, remember to install fixing screws for it, strengthen the protection.

second,Furniture corners and corners.

Plastic crash pads can be added to the corners of hard furniture to prevent family members from bumping and hurting, angular furniture, try not to place in the aisle.

third,Glass coffee table and other furniture, you need to choose quality-guaranteed tempered glass material, the triangular tea table of Tengyi furniture is tempered glass material, and it has been edging, you canAfter the glass furniture is bought, an anti-explosion film is applied to the surface of the glass to prevent the debris from splashing and injuring people.

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