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everyone likes them! Small apartment "simple style" can look so good

  • Author:Tengye Furniture
  • Release on:2019-10-18

Pay attention to everythingToday, when it’s faint, it’s true. When you talk about simple style, you may think of countless vibrato recommended explosions.

Simple and tasteful, it is the feeling of simple style. So what kind of high value can a small apartment simple wind have? Let’s take a look~

Black and white ash is the main color of this home space shared today. These three colors are often given together.The feeling of "cold".

However, adjusting the color ratio, coupled with the right color of the log, can dilute the original cold and serious space, and more peace.

The simple style stems from the minimalism of modernism and is subject toThe influence of the "Less is more" concept focuses on removing unnecessary decorations on the basis of satisfying practicality.

The open-plan restaurant is connected to the living room, from furniture to decoration in a more regular shape, and retains only the furniture necessary for life.

The complex colors and lines make the living room and dining room look more empty, so that the small apartment has a rare sense of space, satisfying the family's daily family activities, and there are three or two friends who will not appear too crowded.

Kitchens are often stackedIn the "hardest hit areas", there are always more things that can't be put down without knowing it.

So the kitchen uses more wood and white to make the space look brighter and cleaner.

Above the sides of the kitchen wall, a large enough storage cabinet is placed under the cooktop to facilitate the storage and storage of kitchen objects. At the same time, the enclosed kitchen avoids the problem of soot, cooking more freely!

The bedroom has a grey tones ratio to create an environment that is perfect for a rest or work. The huge white wardrobe is connected to the desk to properly separate the bedroom space and also provides a storage location.

The overall line of the bathroom is neat and the style of the color is uniform, creating a better experience for the occupants.

Minimal but not simplify,

Low-key and avant-garde,

Do you like this simple style?