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2018 Шанхайская мебельная ярмарка
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Электронная почта: tengye@tengyefurniture.com
Факс: 0086-757-23632243
Тел: 0086-757-23632143
Адрес: промышленная средняя улица № 2, промышленная зона Пайша, город Лунцзян, район Шунде, город Фошань, провинция Гуандун, Китай
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О нас

Привет. This is Tengye furniture.

Кто мы

Tengye integrates design, R&D, production, sales and service, and provides OEM and ODM foundry. It is an international provider of intelligent and living furniture. Since its establishment in 2005, Tengye has provided customers with competitive, safe and reliable products, solutions and services in the fields of modern, art and fashion. It has been dedicated to helping people enjoy high quality life and experience.

Tengye is headquartered in "China's furniture capital" - Longjiang Town, Foshan, the branch is based in the "world of design capital" - Shenzhen, with the world's advanced technology production lines, international professional team, in accordance with ISO international quality standards The system and products have been certified by SGS. The products and services are exported to dozens of developed countries and regions in Europe, America, Spain, Denmark, Britain, the United States, France, Russia, the Netherlands, etc., and won the "Economic Achievement Award" and " Honors such as science and technology innovation enterprises are members of many industry associations.
People-oriented, paying attention to the spirituality and cultural charm of the home space is the insistence of Tengye on furniture design. Tengye will continue to open cooperation with industry partners to stimulate organizational innovation, continue to create value for customers, and let more people enjoy high-quality home life!
Happy life, starting from Tengye!

Professional Manufacturing Furniture

What are we brought to the world?

· create value for customers.
· Build a high quality home life for your users.
· To promote the benign development of the industry.
· Contribute to economic growth.
· Provide a stage for the strugglers.

What do we insist on?

Adhere to building a "world-class smart furniture brand" to build a smart, healthy and happy life.

Adhere to the opening of the border, shake hands with the world, and establish a “mutual, symbiotic, regenerative” industrial environment and a win-win and prosperous business ecosystem and industry alliance with partners to jointly promote the accelerated development of the furniture industry and benefit everyone.

Adhere to open technology innovation, promote cooperation and win-win cooperation between industry, academia and research, and take into account the cultivation of technical talents, and establish a solid foundation for accelerating development.

European And American Luxury Series

Product Design Culture

There are many forms in the family. When you see laughter, your home is a paradise. When you see tired, your home is a harbor. When you see you alone, your home is embraced. The traces of your life make you feel like you have a life. A good home space, although not self-speaking, can often be a window of emotional confession.
Tengye pays attention to the understanding of space and function and the catharsis of thinking and emotion. In the design of furniture, it emphasizes the unity of technology and art, the unity of function and form. In the concept of design and creation, Tengye is people-oriented, paying more attention to the spirituality and cultural charm of the home space to help people's emotions get their sustenance in their home life.

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