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Customer Service

Customer Service

You can do everything yourself, but you don't have to. We offer a range of services to make your life easier. Whether you need installation, assembly assistance, or recycling old furniture in a sustainable way, Tengye's professionals can help you with these heavy tasks.

1.Delivery service

If you would like us to deliver the goods to your door, you can book a range of delivery services we offer.

Express parcel delivery Truck delivery
Be applicable

Applicable to express parcel delivery products, the weight of a single item is less than 30 kg, the length of the outer package is less than 100 cm, the width and height are less than 70 cm, and the sum of length + height + width is less than 165 cm.

We provide you with truck delivery services for large items and items that cannot be used for express parcel delivery.

Delivery area

We provide express parcel delivery services for 149 cities in China. In the case of sufficient inventory, the arrival time of most areas is within three days. If the stock is insufficient or the order peak period package will be postponed.

We provide truck delivery services for 149 cities in China. In the case of sufficient inventory, most areas will arrive within one week, and if the stock is insufficient or the peak order will be delayed.


- Please wait at home at the agreed delivery time. If you are not at home and the goods cannot be delivered, you will be charged for the second delivery.
- If you change the original delivery date for personal reasons, please submit it on the day before the original delivery time, and you should select and complete your delivery service within 7 days after the original delivery time. The date is based on the date agreed between the customer service and your contact.
- If you need to provide duplex floor handling services, please ensure that the stair railings and pedals have been installed, and the width of the duplex floor is more than 80 cm, so that you can carry goods such as mattresses and sofas.
- Cooperative third-party delivery service providers cannot provide window crane service.
- Please check that the goods are in good condition and the quantity is correct before signing.

2.Tracking orders

Waiting for the products purchased from Tengyi to be delivered to your door? We will contact you in advance according to the date and time of your chosen delivery service; you can also contact us at the "Service Center" for order logistics information.

3.The assembly service

Our products are easy to assemble and can be easily completed by the customers themselves. However, if you need extra help, we can come to the door to help you assemble the furniture. Our experts will strictly follow the assembly guidelines and ensure that safety issues are taken care of during the assembly process. After the service is completed, we will bring all the packaging items back to ensure proper recycling.

Service items and charging standards

Tengye Online Mall and local malls offer:Members can redeem this service with points, free of charge for members above Gold Card.

General furniture assembly (except kitchen and bathroom products)

value fee
≤¥ 1000 ¥ 80/single
¥ 1000~¥ 2000 ¥ 160/single
>¥ 2000 8% of the value of the goods


- If you need to purchase additional Tengye assembly service, please contact Tengye online customer service. We will confirm the specific assembly service price, make an appointment time and pay for the relevant items according to the products you purchased.
- If you are shopping at a local mall, please contact the staff at Tengye Store and we will tell you how to implement this service.
- Assembly service time: 09:00--20:00.


- During the mall activities, the service fee for member products and event products will be charged at the original price of the product.
- For safety reasons, land cabinets with a height of more than 0.75 m and children's furniture with a height of more than 0.6 m are recommended for wall mounting. If you have already completed the assembly service, this wall installation requires additional fees.
- If you change the original assembly date (for non-kitchen or bathroom furniture) for personal reasons, please submit it on the day before the original assembly time, and select and complete your next within 7 days of the original assembly time. Assembly service, the specific date is subject to the date agreed by Tengye Customer Service and your contact.

4.Home design services

We don't want you to be bothered by the design of your dream home. Tengjiao professional service staff and international designers will help you.

Do you need a home design service?

We offer professional one-to-one measurement and design services:
We will take measurements at home and design your home according to your requirements. The service fee of ¥500 will be refunded after the home purchase is completed.

Tip: If you do not purchase the whole home in Tengye, the service fee will not be refunded.

For details, please contact our Tengye Customer Service Center, Tel: 0086-757-23632143, or contact the online customer service on the official website.

5.Tengye maintenance andrenovation service

Tengye can provide you with professional old furniture repair and refurbishment services, so that you can easily take home new furniture.
Maintenance fee: Please contact us for details.
Note: This service is limited to the service area.

6. Booking gift card service

Choose exquisite gifts for birthdays, graduations, baby baptisms, holidays, weddings and housewarming, and enjoy gift cards to help you easily present gifts.

7.Please contact us for other service needs

Please ask questions or consult, we will be happy to help you. Contact Tengjia Customer Service or find answers in the FAQ.